Great creative style for interior design, featuring comfort and warmth, that exudes style. A great ability to expand on a clients brief, while taking into account all the needs outlined and deliver on time and within budget. 


    An amazing style for exterior rooms, any space can be turned into something extraordinary. Getting creative with coutyards and gardens can give your home an extra room for entertaining and wonderful outlooks from inside rooms.

  • commercial

    Experienced in commercial ventures from retail spaces, cafes and bars through to boutique night clubs. Best working with a strong theme that creates an atmosphere as soon as you arrive.


David Rowland Studio is a design and renovation service that creates beautiful, functional, comfortable and elegant spaces from a clients brief. The design work encompasses: Personal spaces for entertaining, relaxing and sleeping; Functional spaces for cooking and bathing; Work spaces for commercial and retail; Public spaces for apartments and foyers; Outdoor rooms for living and enjoyment. Founded in 2010, the design studio evolved from client demand through the

homewares store Lanterne, established in 1998. Through this concept store many clients asked for decorating help in their homes and workplaces. From initial projects which involved styling for show apartments, the business has developed into a complete design studio. The Studio has direct access to a complete team of tradesmen from builders to handymen, all able to work as a competent team to complete all projects on time and within budget constraints.


Urban historic terrace featured in Belle magazine

Home and business featured in Real Living magazine

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